Bright Ideas | September 27, 2019

How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens are nothing to be ashamed of -- there are simple, fun ways to create the kitchen you want and expand the space available. Continue reading for some trendy tips on how to make the most of a modest kitchen. 

  • Hang Your Kitchenware: Not only is this a room-saving alternative to cabinet storage, it’s also a trendy trick to highlight your best plates, pots, or utensils. Attach high-quality, sleek hooks to  places with overhead space. This creates the homey, full kitchen vibe you want by displaying your most precious pottery. 
  • Invest in a Rolling Cart: Don’t have enough cabinet space?? Want to put your exquisite china set on display? Try buying a rolling cart that can go anywhere in the kitchen. Place a vase of flowers on the top shelf, aesthetic plates and bowls on the second shelf, and more functional pieces on the third shelf. Depending on the space available and your normal number of guests, you can always park the cart in a different room. 
  • Versatile Refrigerators: Why be traditional and place magnets all over your fridge? If you need more space for kitchenware, consider placing stylish, magnetic shelving on your fridge to hold rags, utensils, and dry goods. 
  • Look Up Top: If you’re out of cabinet space where do you put your plates and pans? Consider going up top. If there’s room above your cabinets, place less important and less used items up there.If your cabinets reach the ceiling, consider installing subtle shelves below your cabinetry, possibly against your backsplash.
  • Windows as Storage: If your kitchen is full of windows, consider using the space where a curtain would be for kitchenware. Hang hooks from the curtain rod and place eye-catching pots and pans by the window. This can highlight your accent pieces while saving space in your main kitchen area. 
  • Use Sides and Bottom of Cabinets: Instead of trying to shove everything into that one drawer, consider utilizing the outside of your cabinet. If it’s not up against a wall, try attaching hooks on the side so you can hang light kitchenware. In addition, you can add flare to your kitchen by attaching magnetic strips to the bottom of cabinets to hold spice jars or other kitchen tools. 
  • Steal Space: In the worst case scenario, you can use adjacent walls or nearby rooms if you need more space for kitchen supplies. This is ideal for open kitchens that aren’t partitioned off from the rest of the home.

Although small kitchens present challenges for family gatherings or a house full of passionate cooks, there are alternatives  to make your kitchen more efficient. These ideas are just a handful of our favorites, but they can transform your kitchen into a design-friendly, creative, and personalized space.

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