Bright Ideas | September 5, 2019

Custom Cabinets for Unique Layouts

Whether you just built a house or bought your dream home, you will eventually need some cabinets. Sometimes rooms can have tricky angles or the one size of cabinet the store has won’t fit the available space. Perhaps the cabinets you had previously are showing their age and falling apart or simply don’t fit your style. There is an answer for all of these issues, and it is custom cabinets. Keep reading to see how custom cabinets could benefit you.

Your Life, Your Style

When browsing through cabinets, you may find yourself loving aspects of all of them, but don’t like any stand alone. That’s what we’re here for. We want to take everything you need in your everyday life of a cabinet and put it into one, perfect for you and your family. Add a personal touch and want to show them off and use them more than normal. 

There’s No Guessing

Instead of assuming the cabinets you ordered online or by memory in the store are going to fit your space, why not have a contractor measure it themselves? Custom cabinets are made to fit YOUR space and not anyone else’s. This means that when the cabinets are installed, they are created to fit in that very location, and no one has to guess or alter it to fit. Cabinets frame your kitchen, they should look like they belong there. 

Adapt To Your Needs

Need shorter shelves, or different sized drawers? If the answer is yes, then customize the drawers and shelves that you will be using every single day. You don’t have to settle for spaced out shelves or small drawers, let someone create them for you using your input and feedback. 

Lasting A Lifetime

It is no secret that custom made cabinets last longer than factory made ones. You know that the wood used to build the structure is sturdy and safe and where the cabinet is coming from. This can create a peace of mind as you fill your home with dishes and memories. Make sure your cabinets outlast all of the meals, parties, and late night snacks that happen in your home.

The Best For Your Home

Wood shaped by our craftsmanship at Chaska Cabinetry And Millwork turns rooms from average to extraordinary and is built to last for generations. With combinedexperience of over 75 years, we can give architects, builders and homeowners the piece of mind that their designs will be executed perfectly. If you are in the Chaska, Minnesota area and are interested in a custom cabinetry or millwork project for your home, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and making your dream project a reality.

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