Style Upgrades | September 5, 2019

Cabinetry That Shows Off Your Glassware

Is your kitchen missing that one final touch? Glass front cabinets can ease the eye from deep-colored cabinets and bring another element into your design. By opting for cabinetry that boasts your tasteful glassware, you can build a unique kitchen design. Read below for benefits that glass cabinets can bring to your home. 

Dishes To Center Stage

Are you fighting for open shelf space? Glass cabinets can solve this problem; your collected plates, china sets, and antique glassware can now be easily advertised through this elegant and sophisticated design. There’s no more perfect way to feature these special dishes than where they belong--in your cabinets, safe from the elements. 

Light, Airy, and Open

Does your kitchen feel cramped and cluttered? Replacing traditional cabinetry with glass can make your kitchen look and feel more open, airy, and light. Glass front cabinets remove the heavy feel of dark wood, especially in small, tight spaces. Create a lightweight and airy ambience by choosing a style that expands your space and highlights the items on your shelves.

A Pop Color

A pop of color or pattern might be exactly what your neutral-toned kitchen needs. Back your cabinets with colored or patterned wallpaper that matches your style and accentuates the central features of your kitchen. With your new glass front cabinets, the wallpaper will show through and you’ll have an effortless art piece behind glass.

Your Home On Display

Wood shaped by our craftsmanship at Chaska Cabinetry And Millwork turns rooms from average to extraordinary and is built to last for generations. With combinedexperience of over 75 years, we can give architects, builders and homeowners the piece of mind that their designs will be executed perfectly. If you are in the Chaska, Minnesota area and are interested in a custom cabinetry or millwork project for your home, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and making your dream project a reality.

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