Bright Ideas | September 5, 2019

How to be Smart About Your Kitchen Storage

Are your kitchen cabinets already full? Are you seeking a novel style for storing your kitchenware? You don’t have to resort to cabinets. Read on for a variety of fun and stylish ways to add some spice to your kitchen. 

  • Near Your Window: If your kitchen is full of large glass windows, let the natural light highlight some of your artistic plates or art pieces. Store materials above your windows on the ledge or near the base on the windowsill. 
  • Add Shelves to Backsplash: Backsplashes can offer a beautifully patterned style to your kitchen. Place glass or light-colored shelves against your backsplash and use it as a storage space for your wine glasses or china set. 
  • Use a Plate Rack: Hang up a plate rack to save space and show off your plates, pots, and pans. This option also makes your kitchenware easily accessible and adds a unique dimension to your space. 
  • Ladder-Focused: If you have ample space in your kitchen for a trendy sliding ladder, create cabinet space up high and use it for storage. This adds verticality to your kitchen and opens up the room. 
  • Pull-Out Pantry: If you want to go bold, try installing sliding cabinets above or below your sink. Blend the cabinets in with the rest of the kitchen’s design and make your dry goods easily accessible with this option.
  • Repurpose an Old Door: Who said you need to stick to shelves and cabinets? Paint a slatted wooden door and attach hooks and hangers. Store your utensils and cooking ingredients on the door to save room. 
  • Dual-Purpose Countertop: Be unique and design your countertop with cooking in mind. Create a divot or bowl-like area in the countertop so you can place things without them rolling away.
  • Install a Crockery Drawer: Instead of using a typical shelving system for plates and bowls, use drawers with adjustable pegs that can suit crockery of any size. With deep-set pull-out drawers, you can stash multiple plates without anyone noticing..

While these are some of our favorite ideas for storing kitchenware, there are dozens of other unique and aesthetically-pleasing designs you can use. Whether you’re more of a traditionalist or a daring, creative individual, these options help conserve space and build a beautiful, welcoming kitchen in your home. 

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