Style Upgrades | September 5, 2019

How Millwork Can Elevate the Look of Every Room in Your Home

Millwork refers to quality wood installations that are produced in a mill. By definition, millwork is an element that becomes part of your home, adding to its overall aesthetic. From cabinets and custom mouldings to staircases, custom millwork can have a stunning impact on your home's interior. If you are considering renovations on your home’s interior, here are some of the ways that millwork can elevate the look of every room:

Making An Entrance

First impressions are impressions that will last, and the entrance to your home is the first impression any visitor will experience. Radial millwork and paneling are wonderful ways to accent your front exterior and create an inviting home entrance, and offer an immediate impact to those who pass through it. The warm tones and the smell of real wood will instantly invoke a timeless sense of being "home."

Connecting Floors

A staircase is an inherently grand fixture in any home, but millwork takes its presentation, literally, to the next level.  A millwork staircase conveys a sense of real quality, and its durability makes it a bold, long-lasting piece that will withstand the test of time. Whether through a full hardwood staircase, or a refined and detailed bannister, utilizing striking millwork to connect your home from one floor to the next will offer a bold statement that is bound to be noticed.

A Gathering Centerpiece

A fireplace is not only a communal gathering space in your home, but it also inherently serves as a showpiece for all assembled. Because of this, a home’s mantelpiece is a quintessential opportunity to showcase quality millwork. This is a part of a home that people approach and examine up close. The ornate detailing of a millwork mantelpiece makes it a piece of art to be admired by everyone.

Bringing It All Together

Millwork is a bold statement that elevates the look of every room in your home through quality, cohesion, and timeless design. As millwork specialists, we can take your vision for one or many rooms in your home, and provide the aesthetic that you dream of through our craftsmanship. Our goal is to make every room in your house uniquely yours through its special details. We look forward to working with you, and bringing each room to life.

Wood shaped by our craftsmanship at Chaska Cabinetry And Millwork turns rooms from average to extraordinary and is built to last for generations. With combinedexperience of over 75 years, we can give architects, builders and homeowners the piece of mind that their designs will be executed perfectly. If you are in the Chaska, Minnesota area and are interested in a custom cabinetry or millwork project for your home, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and making your dream project a reality.

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