Style Upgrades | September 5, 2019

Kitchen Trend: Two-Toned Cabinets

Long gone are the days when uniform cabinetry and single-material structures were built for the kitchen. Instead of all wood or all white, today’s modern kitchens that involve two-toned cabinets and non-matching materials are all the hype. Read on to learn more about this unique design that you can implement in your kitchen to give it that ambiance you’ve always wanted. 

Alluring Mood 

The contrast between colors and materials adds instant tension to any space. This design achieves an eye-catching, sharp mood and showcases your appreciation for the aesthetics of your kitchen. By installing two-toned cabinets, you can make the kitchen appear as an integral part of your home, built with intention, effort, and beauty.

Mix It Up

Who said contrasting tones only applied to upper and lower cabinets? Try designating this design to an entire wall by applying a certain color, texture, or material to it. If your kitchen primarily consists of white marble and beige cabinets, isolate the fridge or a nearby wall to be a shade that speaks to your personality. You can keep things smooth by incorporating a slightly darker or lighter hue than your base color, or you can add a pop of color to draw people in and create an accent in your kitchen. 

Seamless Shades

Typically, the most effective two-toned cabinet design consists of darker on the bottom and lighter on the top. That is, if you want to ground the space, you should use black, grey, or brown shades on your cabinets that connect to the floor; and apply white, gray, or light yellow to cabinets up top. Examples that fit this style and achieve a specific theme are white and blue (nautical), black and white (classic), or brown and black (formal). But , you don’t have to feel limited to only extremely contrasting colors. For instance, use gray and black for a relaxing, charcoal look instead of opting for clashing colors that create chaos.  Colors should be classic and stand the test of time.

Beyond The Paint

Why constrain yourself to just colors? Think in terms of materials, too! For example, you can use wood cabinets on top and marble structures on bottom. If you want to keep things smooth, you don’t have to keep the material identical on upper and lower cabinets. Try installing cabinetry of completely different materials, but only slightly different shades -- like white and beige or navy and dark blue. No matter what  you decide, coordinate the elements so all the pieces fit together. You want a seamless and exquisite kitchen where all the colors and materials flow together, while also standing the test of time. 


If you’re looking to add some variety to your kitchen but don’t know how, two-toned cabinetry may be exactly what you need. This style not only creates a unique experience that acts as a great conversation piece, but it also enables you to use different materials, accent pieces, and shades of colors. Consider this captivating design to provide an intriguing alternative to traditional kitchens. 

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